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Product & Services Series

The Zenith Products & Services series of videos provides regular brief insights into the range of investment products and services Zenith offers financial advisers.

The latest season of the Investment Series follows three everyday Australians as they take charge of their financial futures. Managing Partner of Zenith, David Wright is one of the "Guardians" whose job it is to uncover the investment philosophies of the respective fund managers.

John Nicoll, Zenith National Sales and Marketing manager introduces some of the key services Zenith offers Australian Financial Advisers.

This video will provide a detailed explanation of Zenith's three principal research reports, the product assessment report, the product profile and the performance update report. The product assessment report is a 5-6 page detailed due diligence report on all funds which pass Zenith's investment grade filter and receive an Approved rating over above. The product profile report is a 1-2 summary report to be provided in your clients statement of advice (SOA). The performance update report offers a detailed quantitative review of the fund. The full video is 23 minutes in duration.

Online Research Services

Zenith Investment Partners online research service is the core component in the delivery of Zenith research reports, commentary, investment alerts and model portfolio documents. Designed in a simple, easy to use format, the website provides financial advisers with immediate access to the research reports, profiles and quantitative tools they require to service their clients.

Funds Research

Approved Product List

An exclusive list of high quality investment products determined by Zenith to be the premier investment options in all major asset classes. Includes Australian & International equities, Property, Australian & International fixed interest, ‘alternative’ asset classes such as Hedge funds, Private equity, Infrastructure, Agribusiness and Structured products. The list includes funds managed by both mainstream and boutique fund managers.

Product Profiles

Product Assesment. Product Assesment. Available on all funds listed on the major wraps and platforms. Updated monthly, product profiles cover fund objective, fund strategy, performance charts, fees tables and risk ratings. Designed for SOA’s. Download sample product profile

Product Assessment Reports

Product Assesment. Product Assesment. Detailed research reports on individual funds with monthly updated data providing: analyst viewpoint, recommendation, absolute risk adjusted performance analysis, investment team assessment, manager background, investment process, security selection, portfolio construction, risk management, risks of the fund, applications of the fund and fees. Download sample product assessment report

Performance Update Reports

Product Assesment. Product Assesment. Available on all funds listed on the major wraps and platforms. Monthly performance update reports focus on absolute and risk adjusted performance analysis. This report includes monthly return data, rolling return charts, return histogram, growth in $10,000 invested, minimum and maximum return ranges, standard deviation chart, tracking error chart, Sharpe, Sortino and Information ratio analysis, and return analysis in rising and falling markets. Download sample performance update report

Asset Sector Reports

Detailed annual asset class reviews which include new product ratings, product upgrades and downgrades, and specifi c themes, trends and observations made as part of the asset class review process.

Market Research

A series of regular reports provide clients with market direction commentary and valuation metrics.

Monthly Market Report:

Provides key statistics and monthly summary of all major asset classes.

Quarterly Asset Class Forecast Report:

Provides 10 year forecast return expectations for all major asset classes as well as a range of short term asset class valuation considerations. The report is designed to help advisors explain long term risk/return expectations to clients as well as provide some short term market information for discussion Contact Zenith for more info

Model Portfolio Reports

Available online for portfolio clients. Zenith model portfolios provide a diversified multi-manager investment solution that is actively managed by Zenith on behalf of clients.

Designed for all major wraps and platforms. With performance updated monthly, the models aim to deliver optimal outperformance in all major asset classes compared to the median manager.

Three service levels are available.

  • ‘Pre-set’ models available for all wraps and platforms
  • ‘Tailored’ models designed in conjunction with clients to suit uniquebusiness requirements
  • Portfolio reporting - Detailed monthly and quarterly reports providing full attribution and look through analysis on existing adviser portfolios.

Contact Zenith for more info

Adviser Tools & Support

Research Alerts

Timely research alerts provide important news such as manager and ratings changes and other important manager communication. These alerts are posted on our website and emailed to clients.

Fund Surveys & Filters

Provide detailed analysis of fund performance, volatility and consistency with the ability to segment by asset class, sub asset class, investment style, platform and rank over multiple time periods into quartiles / deciles. Lists can be created and saved, and transferred to excel and pdf.

Performance Charts

Zenith’s online charting tool enables users to produce absolute and excess return charts (cumulative & monthly, monthly, quarterly, annually, 1, 3, 5 year rolling, multi period and growth of $10,000) and risk / return charts (information ratio, Sharpe ratio, standard deviation, tracking error, standard deviation plotted against return, tracking error plotted against excess return & snail trails).

Educational Materials

Available as part of the Zenith ‘advice’ based service offering. Designed in conjunction with advisers to unique business requirements.

Portfolio Construction & Reporting


  • Historical outperformance of competitors and benchmarks
  • Innovative asset allocation approach using a wide range of risk and return drivers
  • Active portfolio management
  • Comprehensive attribution analysis including full of underlying stock holdings
  • Portfolios can be designed to match most risk/return requirements
  • Demonstrated ability to identify manager value add
  • Uses quality active fund managers in asset classes where market inefficiencies can be exploited
  • Transparent reporting for advisers - simplified version for clients if required
  • Includes quarterly market report and detailed asset class forecast report with long and short term considerations

Adviser Benefits

  • Potentially increases client returns
  • Helps streamline business processes
  • Saves adviser/paraplanner time
  • Demonstrates ongoing ‘active’ adviser management of client portfolios
  • Downside (risk of capital loss) and compliance risk reduction
  • Adviser group determines their level of involvement in the process

Three Service Trends

  • Preset model portfolios - Designed by Zenith based on 5 standard risk profi les tailored for all major administration platforms. Optimum performance.
  • Tailored model portfolios - Designed in consultation with adviser to meet specifi c adviser business and client objectives.
  • Portfolio Reporting Service - Detailed quarterly report on adviser designed and managed portfolios. Includes correlation analysis, asset class and individual fund manager attribution, as well as underlying portfolio characteristics of Australian shares component. (All Zenith Portfolio services include ongoing investment committee and reporting services).

Investment Committee Participation

Investment committee participation forms an integral part of Zenith's research service offering to financial planning dealer groups and advisers. Zenith's 'advice' based service model is best served by working in close conjunction with our clients to obtain a detailed understanding of their unique business model, investment structures and requirements. This allows us to tailor the best service to assist those needs.

Participating as an independent third party in a regular, structured investment committee format, Zenith can utilise its research experience and resources to provide a detailed assessment of fund manager reviews, research report ratings, asset allocation and portfolio construction advice, industry developments, key market shifts and other research related issues.

Areas of discussion may include:

  • Updates, developments and changes to model portfolios (if applicable)
  • Sector review feedback
  • Identifying potential future issues and providing opinion on matters unique to the dealer group
  • New product ratings and rating changes on existing products including incisive “Redeem” and “Switch” notices when appropriate
  • Investment process and product trends identifi ed from Zenith’s manager rating program
  • International trends in product development and new manager entrants to the Australian market from Zenith's extensive international manager due diligence program
  • Asset allocation and portfolio construction advice and commentary on current industry practices
  • Industry dealer group practices and approaches gleaned from the broad range of investment committees Zenith participates in

Adviser Education & Support

Zenith’s adviser education and support includes:

Main Platform and Focus Session Presentations at dealer group professional development days, conferences and workshops. Presentations can be accredited CPE recognition by the Financial Planning Association or Securities Institute of Australia.

Publications and investment papers can be commissioned on a wide range of topics including fund manager selection, portfolio construction, portfolio optimisation, statistical analysis measures, industry trends and investment strategy and objective setting.

Tailored research education programs.