The table below details the timing of each asset class sector review which forms part of our rolling 12-month review cycle.


Review starts

Reports published

Sector lead

Sector 2IC

Alternatives – Investment Bonds

June 22 Sept 22 Pelin Demir Andrew Yap

International Shares – Emerging Markets and Asia Ex-Japan

July 22 Oct 22 Tom Goodrich Adele O'Shannassy

International Shares – Global Long Short

July 22 Mid-Nov 22 Stephen Colwell Tom Goodrich

International Shares – Global, hedged and unhedged

July 22 Nov 22 Quan Nguyen Stephen Colwell

Multi-Asset Diversified

July 22 Sept 22 Andrew Yap Rodney Sebire

Multi-Asset Real Return

July 22 Sept 22 Andrew Yap Rodney Sebire

Real Assets including Property – Direct

Sept 22 Mid-Nov 22 Dan Cave Bonnie Corbett


Oct 22 Feb 23 Rodney Sebire Tom Bernard

International Fixed Interest

Oct 22 March 23 Rodney Sebire Tom Bernard

Alternatives – Market Neutral

Dec 22 Feb 23 Jock Allen Adele O'Shannassy

Australian Shares – small, mid- and micro-cap companies

Dec 22 Feb 23 Stephen Colwell Jock Allen

International Shares – Listed Infrastructure

Jan 23 March 23 Dan Cave Pelin Demir

Australian Fixed Interest

March 23 May 23 Andrew Yap Bonnie Corbett

Australian Shares – Large Companies

March 23 June 23 Adele O'Shannassy Quan Nguyen

Australian Shares – Long Short

March 23 June 23 Tom Goodrich Stephen Colwell

Property - Australian and Global Securities

March 23 June 23 Dan Cave Bonnie Corbett

Retirement products

Ongoing Ongoing Andrew Yap Rodney Sebire