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Our managed account offering

Elite Blends are our premium portfolio suite, leveraging our best insights into investment markets and our strength in manager selection. Launched in 2009, they invest in actively managed funds and have consistently delivered above-average risk-adjusted returns. There are five risk profiles available, designed to deliver a range of consistent returns above cash for varying risk profiles.

Our Essentials portfolios are designed to provide exposure to a diversified range of quality active fund managers, whilst reducing the overall portfolio cost through the inclusion of some lower-cost strategies. Launched in 2019, they are designed to deliver on their objectives through all markets with minimum risk.

Why Zenith?

A portfolio for every risk profile

Both our Elite Blends and Essentials portfolios have been constructed to cater to client risk profiles that range from conservative to high growth.

Risk-adjusted performance

Our Elite Blends portfolios have a ten-year track record of strong performance and since inception, all five options have delivered returns above the industry median for a lower level of risk.

Comprehensive reporting

We provide comprehensive reporting to investment committees, advisers and clients. We believe we have one of the most compelling and comprehensive reporting packages in the industry. Our unique reports include qualitative opinions on the funds, ratings and underlying stock holdings.

Our research team on the lookout for you

We leverage our proprietary research knowledge to construct our portfolios while our dedicated portfolio implementation team continually monitors and executes the agreed portfolio changes efficiently to ensure your client’s best interests are looked after.

Our public menu managed accounts are available on these leading platforms:

BT Panorama, Hub 24, Netwealth, North, Colonial First State

Contact a member of our Business Development Team to learn how Zenith’s public menu solutions can work for your business.

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Industry Leading Reporting

When you invest in a Zenith managed account, we will provide you with access to the portfolio section of Zenith Mosaic, our online adviser portal. Here you will see:

  • in-depth monthly and quarterly portfolio reports for you and your clients,
  • detailed information on the portfolio including returns, underlying funds and stock holdings, product assessment reports and fund profiles of all underlying funds.

Our reporting is industry-leading and provides you with the transparency you and your clients expect.

Paper Portfolios

Our Elite Blends paper portfolios are available via an online subscription (platinum level) for Advisers who wish to manage their own portfolios. They are available in 5 risk profiles.

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