Zenith Elite Blends

Elite Blends are Zenith’s best ideas portfolios, powered by our investment research expertise and focussed on delivering maximum performance with lowest risk possible.

An Elite Blend for every risk profile

We’ve built five ready-made portfolios to suit client risk profiles that range from conservative to high growth. That way, every client can benefit from our best-of-breed blend of funds, backed by our 16-year heritage in funds research and portfolio construction.

Easy access: paper or managed portfolio

Depending on your needs, Zenith Elite Blends are available as Model ‘Paper’ Portfolios or as Managed Accounts on a growing list of platforms.

  • Model Portfolio: Available as Paper Portfolios via online subscription (Gold Level)
  • Managed Account: Available on major platforms (Netwealth and BTPanorama)

Risk-adjusted performance

Zenith Elite Blends (model portfolios) have an eight-year track record of strong performance and since inception all five options have delivered returns above the industry median with lower risk (standard deviation). 

Comprehensive reporting

Zenith places a high emphasis on the quality and transparency of reporting to investment committees, advisers and clients. We believe we have one of the most compelling and comprehensive report packages in the industry. Our reports include details that few others can match, such as qualitative opinion on funds, ratings and underlying stock holdings.

Our research team on the lookout for you

Zenith Elite Blends draw on the expert analysis of Zenith’s large in-house research team, which has deep resources and information systems to track and compare a wide universe of investment options constantly. Investors in Zenith Elite Blends can be confident their investments are being subject to constant monitoring and search for the most attractive investment strategies coming to market.

Managed Accounts

Zenith Managed Accounts save you time by blending the best of our research in a portfolio managed for you.

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