Recognising excellence

Recognising and encouraging excellence in funds management across all asset classes and disciplines is fundamental to raising the standard of funds management in the industry for the ultimate benefit of investors.

It also encourages innovation, pushing the boundaries of investment thinking and attracts new talent to the industry.

Fund Awards based on long-term criteria

As a fund rating house, we operate to provide impartial and unbiased opinion on the capabilities of fund managers, which is then used to construct portfolios for investors. Our aim is to provide information that will improve the financial outcomes of Australian investors.  

Each of our awards is based on long-term factors derived from our extensive research and due diligence of fund managers including:

  • organisational and investment team strength,
  • investment philosophy, 
  • security valuation and selection,
  • portfolio construction,
  • risk management, and
  • fees.

We also look at quantitative aspects of the funds longer-term returns to investors.

There’s no short-termism determining any award – the winning fund managers have to demonstrate they have what it takes to deliver for investors over the long term.