Investment Research

Unbiased, qualitative research analysis on more than 900 investment products

Fund research

We have a 17-year track record and one of Australia’s largest teams generating proprietary managed funds research.  

Our funds research package serves three primary functions, as shown below.

  1. Ratings for investment actions, with supporting research
  2. Reports and documents that increase your workflow productivity
  3. Research analysis that increases your investment knowledge

It’s a labour-intensive exercise and there are no short cuts in generating qualitative, unbiased research.

We invest heavily in our research talent, information systems and data capabilities. We constantly monitor a global investment universe, collecting data that is not available publicly, and meet with fund managers over 750 times per year to provide you with a refined list of investment choices.

New investment opportunities are continually coming to market and we act swiftly to rate new products to give you an advantage in your investment advice. Our ratings of listed investment companies and exchange traded funds reflects this trend: we have increased coverage significantly to meet increasing adviser demand for more product structures.

Our research is accessed through a yearly annual subscription on our website. A selection of our research is also available via XPlan.

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Sector Review Calendar

The calendar provides detail on when each asset class sector will be covered.

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Ratings Definitions

Our ratings definitions, from Highly Recommended to Redeem.

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Fund Research Regulatory Guidelines

Methodology and conflict of interest management.

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Fund Research Methodology

An explanation of Zenith’s Fund research process.

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Traditional Index Research Methodology

An explanation of Zenith’s traditional index product research methodology

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Responsible Investment

About Zenith’s responsible investment classification framework.

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Market research

To keep on top of your clients' investments, you need to keep up-to-date with financial market movements.

We equip you with ongoing expert analysis on general financial market conditions, with asset class performance analysis, long-term return forecasts and current valuation signals.

Our market research is complimentary with every funds research package.

Listed equities

Zenith's equity research offering spans the top 200 ASX-listed companies and draws on the insights and consensus ratings of up to 23 different brokers.

Our Morning Report is delivered each morning to ensure you are kept up to date with local and overnight global financial market movements.

Our listed equities research is offered as a separate optional extra to our basic funds research package.

Equity Research Regulatory Guidelines

About our equity services, methodologies and conflict of interest management.

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Zenith investment ratings

Zenith's ratings and research reports are limited to “General Advice” (as defined by section 766B of Corporations Act 2001) and based solely on the assessment of the investment merits of the financial product. It is not a specific recommendation to purchase, sell or hold the relevant product(s) and does not have regard to the particular circumstances or needs of any specific person who may read it. Zenith advises that individual investors should seek their own independent financial advice before making an investment decision. No part of any research report is a solicitation to buy or sell any investment. Research reports are prepared exclusively for clients of Zenith.

Ratings are specific to the product to which it is issued. That is, Zenith rates products rather than fund managers. Zenith believes that while the skill of the investment management and strength of the organisation is paramount, product design features can differ even within the same investment strategy and so we do not see manager ratings as an effective way to capture these aspects.

How we do research

Zenith's research process is fundamentally forward looking and relies on both qualitative and quantitative input from analysts. 

  1. Compile sector universe
  2. Conduct preliminary screening
  3. Successful candidates issued research agreement
  4. If agreement executed, formal due diligence conducted
  5. Due diligence results submitted to Zenith Research Committee for ratification
  6. Draft report prepared and peer reviewed
  7. Draft report issued to manager for fact checking (without rating)
  8. Report finalised and published
  9. Zenith subscriber clients notified of rating
  10. Fund Manager notified of rating
  11. Ongoing surveillance and data collection
  12. Annual review cycle (back to #1.)

Our research team

Zenith’s investment team collectively have extensive market experience gained through a broad range of industry backgrounds including  

  • Institutional consulting
  • Funds management
  • Proprietary trade and quantitative analysis
  • Financial planning and advice
  • Forensic accounting and tax
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Entrepreneurial   

Broad skills across the team promote unique perspectives, specialist insights and foster a deeper level of due diligence.

Sector heads are industry leaders and have deep levels of expertise within their core areas of responsibility. Consistent with their market recognition, many make contributions to industry journals and are often guest speakers at industry events.

All members of Zenith’s research team are encouraged to undertake postgraduate studies and further education to enhance their analytical and specialist skills with many assigned the CFA designation or Masters of Applied Finance.

There also exists a strong philanthropic culture amongst team members with many contributing to charitable raisings, community events and school education.  

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