Our powerful plug-in enables you to extract up-to-date fund data into Microsoft Excel.
Combined with the award-winning FE Analytics, you can effortlessly analyse that data and create bespoke reports.​

It allows for the unrivalled creation of custom reports and charts which can easily be refreshed via the Microsoft Excel add-in, providing users with easy access to the latest fund data. It's simple to install and only requires access to Excel and the internet.

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Bulk data downloads & instant refreshes

Bulk call thousands of instruments instantly from any list of identifiers including ISIN, SEDOL, Mex and other codes. The tool also permits a full suite of fact sheet fields to be refreshed in real time.​

In-depth fund analysis

A deeper fund analysis is made possible as you can drill down to its underlying constituents for a comparative breakdown analysis. You can also perform rapid calculation of ratio statistics over multiple periods and much more.​

Easy integration & bespoke reporting​

Easy integration with other independent data sources and templates is made possible with FE Analytics FinXL, allowing you to populate existing reports with whole of market data.​

Access whole of market data ​

FE fundinfo collects fund information direct from source and actively manages the global ingestion of more than 100,000 active funds, across 250,000 active share classes, and processes 1,000,000+ documents each month. ​

In Australia, the data comprises over 15,000 financial instruments across a large range of investment universes including managed funds, ASX securities, investment bonds, SMA’s, superannuation (including industry super funds) and retirement income.

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